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Santa’s Route: How does Santa deliver all those presents?

Have you ever wondered how Santa Clause manages to deliver presents to all the kids in the world in just one night? Me neither… but my kids did. Following is a sneak peak of Truii’s tracking map functionality applied to a possible route that Santa might take. This is a totally hypothetical route based on having to cover the entire planet in a 24hr period. We created this functionality for animal tracking data – but chasing Santa seems even more fun.


Figure 1: Which way would Santa go? Santa’s potential route. Zoom and pan with your mouse and click on santa (if you can catch him) to see how many presents are left (base route data is from Ben Blatt)

About the data visualisation

The tracking map is contained within its own Dashboard. You can link to the Dashboard, or use the shortcode from the map to embed it in another web page.
The viz’s are easy to make . All you need to do is create a free Truii account to create and publish your own data visualizations.
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