Viet Phung

Truii receives Advanced Queensland grant

We are really chuffed to announce that Truii has partnered with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to received an Advance Queensland Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership program is designed to facilitate interaction between university and business and to support the employment of new graduates. Through the grant we have employed Mr Viet Phung, a recent graduate of the Queensland University of Technology Masters of Technology program. Viet has been doing some cracking work to accelerate the delivery of our ‘Dashboard‘ functionality which allows Truii users to create and publish pages that are a collection of data visualisations (See Figure 1 for an example embeded Dashboard).

What is a Dashboard?

A Dashboard is like a dashboard containing charts, maps, and tables. However the Dashboard goes further than dashboards because you can also include images, text, data download and links to other pages. A Dashboard is a web page focused on data, created just with your mouse and no HTML. If you can make a chart in msExcel then you can create live web pages and show your data visualisations to the world. We have quietly released our first generation of dashboards, focused on charts (other functionality going live very soon).

Figure 1: Example Dashboard – note, each Dashboard is a stand alone web page, or you can embed the whole Dashboard in other web pages (like we have done here), or embed individual visualisations, or simply ‘like’ a visualisation to include it on your facebook feed

Building great partnerships

As well as the great work from Viet to bring our Dashboards to life we are also developing strong relationships with Queensland University of Technology through our project partner Associate Professor Richi Nayak. Along with Associate Professor Nayak we are about to commence a series of ‘data democratisation’ projects.

Through these projects Truii will work with final year Data Analytics students and small businesses. The students will identify and analyse open data sources that are commercially relevant for the small businesses. The students will create Truii Dashboards like this example of the Queensland digital industry. Through these projects we are hoping to engage undergraduate students with applied real world data analysis and to support small business in being more data driven in their decision making.

If you have have some data that you would like the students to analyse or want to know more about the project: Contact us.

Finally a big thank you to the Advance Queensland team. They have a truly novel collection of innovative programs focused on making Queensland the StartUp State. Keep up to date with the rapidly moving activities of Advance Queensland through their facebook page.


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