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Truii V1: A whole bunch of new data collaboration tools

After nearly 12 months in Beta and with loads of really helpful feedback from our beta users Truii V1 is now live and contains a bunch of new data collaboration tools!

We have been pretty quiet on the Blog front over recent months – Mostly because we have been super busy building out a lot of new functionality.

Truii now has a new website – with much more content describing the different functionality along with ‘how to’ videos showing examples using the functionality.

There are a bunch of changes you will notice in the Truii workspace like being able to more easily manage files, users, and data libraries. You will also notice some snazzier data visualisations including some neat spatial mapping of tabulated data. But mostly what you will notice is a whole pile of data wrangling and data analysis functions listed below (click on the topic to go to the explainer page).

Data Wrangling

Tidy data

[pullquote]thanks to our Beta users for helping to set our data wrangling priorities[/pullquote]



Time Series Functions

Data Analysis


  • Summary Metrics
  • Target performance / threshold analysis

[pullquote] We have a growing collection of explainer videos describing Truii functionality


Statistical functions

[pullquote]We are still implementing our data analysis tools, but the early versions are available on Truii for you to try out[/pullquote]

  • Test for randomness
  • Test for trend
  • Test for step jump
  • Compare periods
  • Compare columns

What’s next?

Payed plans

During the Beta phase you could only have a restricted data library- you couldn’t increase the number files, number of libraries or file size. You can now increase all of these with a payed plan. You can see the pricing here, and sign up from your Truii home page when you are signed in.

Trial Data library

All new users will still get a free data library – but only for 30 days, to give you a chance to put Truii through its paces. After 30 days if you want to continue to store and share your own data you will need to sign up to a payed plan.

What if you don’t own a data library? No problem – we fully expect that many Truii users do not own a data library – but have been invited to join someone elses. It is always free to be a Truii user – you only pay to own data libraries where you store and curate your own data. As a Truii user you can always access the pubic libraries or join any library that you have been invited to.


Our next big addition to Truii will be data dashboards. Data dashboards will allow you to create your own custom visualization of your data. The visualization stays linked to the data so when the data is updated so is your great chart or map.

Publish your own Data

Another key feature in the Truii pipeline is to allow our users to publish their data via Truii. Large organisations have dedicated IT resources to help them set up data publishing repositories. We are really keen to embrace a data democracy approach that will allow our users to easily publish their data.

The viz’s are easy to make. All you need to do is create a free Truii account to create and publish your own data visualizations.


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