In Truii data is stored in libraries. You can own as many libraries as you like in your account and you can join and leave libraries whenever you want.

Truii hierarchy

Truii has a basic hierarchy – the top level is an account. An account can have any number of underlying data libraries. The data library is the level at which permissions are granted to your team. Within a library, you can create nested folder structures to help you keep track of the contents.


Truii is based on the idea of data projects. The top level of a data project is an account. The account manager has the ultimate control over the account and how many files can be uploaded and the maximum file size allowable. The account manager can assign a second trusted person to have the same rights. This means that you can get the finance person in your organisation to set up the billing details, then assign a technical leader to manage the day to day data library interaction and effectively manage the account.


The core of Truii is the concept of data libraries. You can create your own data libraries, invite others to join your libraries, be invited to join other private libraries or join public libraries. Just like an old fashioned book library there are certain permissions that go along with a library. For the libraries that you create, you have the full read, write and invite permissions and you can grant permissions as you see fit to those that you personally invite. For libraries that you are invited to – you will be assigned read, write or invite permissions. For public libraries you will have the read only access. If you want to alter the data in a public library, you will have to copy it to a library that you have write permissions.

There is no limit on the number of libraries that you can create within an account. This allows you to have one group access to the spatial data, another group to access to the sales data and another to only access the latest field data. Your only real restriction is on the total number of files allowed for the overall account.

Private libraries

A private library is the one that you create. Only those that you invite will have access to that library and they will only have the permissions that you grant them.

Public Libraries

Only Truii administrators can create public libraries and add data to them. We are planning to make this functionality publicly available to allow all user to more easily publish their data.


There are four basic levels of permissions:

Permission Read Download Upload Alter files Invite others to join Alter the Account
Manager X X X X X X
Write and invite X X X X X
Write X X X X
Read X X


You can create whatever underlying folder structure that you find useful for keeping track of your data. All the folders within a library have the same access permissions as the root library.