Data security

We take your data security so seriously that we don’t pretend to be experts. Truii leaves data hosting and data security to the real experts. All our data is hosted on the Windows Azure platform . This means your data is always available (99.95% guaranteed up time and it is backed up across eight different geo-regions).


Your personal details, your data and every transformation that you apply to your data is precious and private. Truii uses industry best practice 256bit encryption for every bit of information that passes between your browser and our Azure hosted platform. Truii does not store your payment details, we are partners with the industry experts, PayPal to ensure the very best security is applied to your account details.

Sync Vs cloud storage

Truii does not sync local and cloud based versions of your data. The data is stored in the Truii cloud (Windows Azure). There is a simple reason why Truii does not sync with your local hard drive: The whole team rarely needs all the project data on their hard drive.

Syncing cloud based data storage with your local hard drive is great if everyone on the project team needs all of the data on their hard drive. This is rarely the case in data-centric projects which makes some team members reluctant to use collaborative tools that consume all their download limit or fill their hard drive with stuff that they don’t want.Creating different access and syncing profiles for different files can really kill team productivity. Not everyone in in the team needs to have all the data in the project synced on their local hard drive.

You can download the data at any time from Truii – and you certainly should keep a backup of your data locally. Downloading can be done;

  1. one file at a time – allowing you to select specific past versions of the data for comparison. or,
  2. by batch download multiple files, whole folders of files or even an entire data library. For batch downloading, Truii creates a zip file which maintains your existing file and folder structure.