eFlow Projector - Assessing the success of environmental watering

eFlow Projector

Assess the performance of environmental watering objectives

eFlow Projector - Assess the performance of environmental watering objectives

The product

eFlow Projector

Who it’s for

eFlow Projector is for people and organisations that manage environmental water. It is based on a project conducted with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder to develop an annual reporting tool.

The challenge

Most catchments in Australia have undergone studies to quantify their environmental water requirements. Environmental water requirements are rules around how water should be delivered to sustain the environment e.g. to allow fish to migrate and trees to germinate.

In recent years, there has been a large state and federal investment in buy backs of water for the environment. For example, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has 2,876 GL of water entitlement (about 6 Sydney Harbours). Flow studies determined water requirements, while buy backs and water plans have provided an water to allocate to the environment.

While progress towards quantifying water requirements and obtaining water to allocate to the environment has been good, the ability to report the success of meeting water requirements has been lacking.

The particular challenge in reporting the achievement for environmental watering objectives is that natural systems rarely deliver water in the prescriptive pattern defined in the environmental flow requirement, or flow rule. An environmental flow requirement may specify a flow of 100ML/d, however using the traditional reporting techniques a flow of 99ML/d would be reported as a fail. In addition, to this traditional binary nature of pass/fail reporting, there are few tools available to facilitate a repeatable process for reporting environmental watering performance.

Our solution

To overcome the challenges described above, Truii has created eFlow Projector – a web-based environmental flow assessment and reporting tool that reports performance against defined environmental flow requirements. The particularly novel feature of eFlow Projector is that it assesses the partial success of flow requirements. eFlow Projector determines the partial success on the magnitude, duration, count and independence of each flow requirement for the prevailing climatic conditions (drought, very dry, dry, average and wet). These partial successes are combined to provide an overall success score.

Where an environmental allocation has been used to help achieve the flow requirement, eflow Projector reports the contribution that the environmental water has made to achieving the flow requirement.

eFlow Projector features

  • Reports partial success of environmental watering objectives both annually and long-term.
  • Dynamic visual reporting interface.
  • Considers different prevailing climatic conditions (the water requirements during drought year are often different to those in a wet year).
  • Allows the prevailing climatic condition to change throughout the year.
  • Quantifies the relative contribution of environmental water delivery to the success of an environmental watering event.

To find out how Truii can create a data-driven reporting tool for you, please contact us.

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