Natural Resources Inventory for Queensland

Natural Resources Inventory for Queensland

Explore the stock, use and management of Queensland's natural resources

The challenge

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy administers a broad portfolio. There are many online resources available to explore the detail of the different components of the portfolio, but no simple entry point to summarise the portfolio and communicate the stock, use and management of Queensland’s natural resources.

Our solution

The Natural Resources Inventory is an interactive collection of metrics and data visualisations that depict the stock, value and use of Queensland’s natural resources.

It is the world’s first fully digital and publicly accessible natural resources inventory, drawing on the extensive open data about the state’s land, water, vegetation, geological and energy resources.

Based on over 100 mostly datasets relating to 19 vital resources, the Inventory displays over 9600 unique metrics. All metrics are accompanied by underlying data and supporting information.

The application was designed as a reference point for investors, journalists, students, industry groups and government employees about the general availability of natural resources.

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