Prioritising investment in the Great Barrier Reef

Reef Planning and Investment Tool

Prioritising investment in water quality improvement activities for the Great Barrier Reef catchments

The project

Reef Planning and Investment Tool

The client

The challenge

Alluvium Consulting led a project to support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation investment planning process. The outcomes of Alluvium’s work were tens of alternative investment actions spread across 224,000km2 of the Great Barrier Reef. Truii’s challenge was to create a web-based tool to allow the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to rapidly create and investigate alternative investment portfolios to assess the cost and water quality improvement of each portfolio.

Our solution

The Reef Planning and Investment Tool has three main modes of operation;

  1. Targets: This creates a portfolio of investment activities required to achieve reef water quality targets for selected areas.
  2. Budget: This creates a portfolio of investment up to a budget figure across selected areas.
  3. All actions: This mode predicts a water quality improvement and cost for a predefined set of interventions.

The Reef Planning and Investment Tool uses a recursive, pragmatised, marginal cost abatement curve approach. The marginal cost abatement curve approach is to order actions from best return on investment to least return on investment. The ‘pragmatised’ feature allows user to reorder actions according to some other ‘pragmatic’ decisions such as co-investment opportunities or likelihood of adoption. The recursive feature is because performing some on-ground actions may make other actions available be performed, or may open up more opportunities for previously performed actions.

The Reef Planning and Investment Tool is accessible by registered users only. However, we are working on a related product – Reefonomics – that you may like to read about.

If you have an optimisation or prioritisation problem, we’d love to help solve it, please contact us.

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